Pay it Forward Program :

Basic Education is a must for the society. The United States provides the highest contribution to UNICEF among all the nations. UNICEF aids all undeveloped and developing countries like India, Bangladesh etc. Education is projected to receive 20 per cent of the total programme investment, and yet, its impact in relation to its input has been far from dramatic.Why?

The Difference between preaching and practice. Kids learn from what they see, not from what they learn.

World Health Organization (USA contributes 17%) is spending huge amounts of money on such countries’ basic health and hygiene. And there is still no impact… But why?

Again, Adults in these countries never practice what they learned at school, and kids learn from what they see. What it means is that UNICEF and WHO will continue to spend huge sums without imapct, and the United States will be the largest contributor for years to come.

SRI Systems Inc has decided to enlighten the people of underdeveloped and developed countries to change mindsets through its ‘Pay it Forward’ program. This will give some impact to the efforts made by UNICEF and WHO. Under this programme, a childrens’ educational film in Hindi is being screened at various schools across India to educate children about Hygiene, Health and Mindsets. SRI Systems Inc is planning to get the film dubbed in other languages to help bring change not only to India, but across the Globe.